Beginning Jan. 15, 2016, Brenda will cycle from Cairo to Capetown, a total of 12,800 km to raise funds for KEEF.

Brenda will ride with the Tour d'Afrique on an adventure that will finish in Capetown on May 14. Her goal is to raise $20,000 for students in Kenya!

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Welcome to KEEF

The primary mission of the Kenya Education Endowment Fund (KEEF) is to provide scholarships for very bright students from Kakamega County in Western Kenya who do not have the financial means to pay the fees for secondary and post-secondary schools in Kenya. These fees are $600 or more per year.

KEEF's Board of Directors from British Columbia, Canada, is represented in Kakamega by volunteers who interview and select students meeting the academic criteria and showing a proven need for assistance. The Board includes members who have worked with scholarship programs in the Kakamega area over the last two decades. We work with local Kenyan communities through personal involvement and close collaboration. All Canadian Board members and representatives in Kenya are unpaid volunteers.    

KEEF was established in 2004 under the Society Act of British Columbia and was granted charitable status by The Canada Revenue Agency in 2006 with registration under #845413145 RR 0001. We are a nonprofit organization, not affiliated with any government or religious organization.

One hundred per cent of sponsor donations will be applied to students' scholarship fees and educational expenses, unless a donor specifically asks to contribute to our very low administrative costs, or chooses to fund a specific project. KEEF also has a Student Support Fund that helps to provide essential materials and educational tools required by the Kenyan curriculum, for example dictionaries, geometry sets, and calculators.

At the secondary school level most KEEF scholarships are offered to boys because several other groups in Kakamega support girls. However, KEEF provides scholarships for both male and female students in post-secondary education. Secondary school individual sponsors or other sponsoring organizations are welcome to continue their support into the post secondary level through KEEF. Secondary school graduates may be eligible for entrance into University, College or other technical schools. Please contact us if you are interested.    

Education is absolutely vital to the young people of developing countries. "It is the key to sustainable development and peace and stability within and among countries ." [UNESCO World Education Forum, 2000.]

Please visit our Sponsor a Student section of the website for more information. We encourage you to check all the various pages of the KEEF website!


Every donation – of any amount – makes a difference.

100% of your donation goes to Kenyan students.
Our administrative costs are very low and are covered by craft sales and other special fundraising events.

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Donate to our Student Support Fund (any amount).

View our gift cards flyer and give a gift in someone's name - a solar lamp, a bicycle, a gift to Student Support or our new Endowment Fund

Donate to our Endowment Fund , established in 2013 (any amount is welcome). This is a long term trust fund managed by the Vancouver Foundation. Read More